UK study is a dream for one and all from time immemorial. But the fact remains still the same as to why this destination is a dream destination for so long? Well the simple answer to this is that, Study in UK has always paved a path of full satisfaction on the student’s part to make the best out of the studies and remains as a center of attraction for major companies to look for. Let us look at some of the reasons as to why Study in UK is the hot-spot for education:

A destination that is very friendly to Indian students

UK the destination, where most of the Indian students flock in for higher students is well –attended by the host country that assures that enough special privilege is offered to the overseas students for them to feel at ease in their country. From the many considerations that a student looks for before going for overseas education this reason does fall in their chart at the top.

The major point of advantage for Study in UK is that, the regular degrees of UK colleges contain one year less than its counterpart country US and Canada. This once again gives monetary relaxation to students as less year means less expenditure in the total degree.

Zone of best colleges and universities

The country is blessed with good colleges and Universities for Study in UK, that definitely gives a front edge for any overseas students to target. Out of the ten top colleges of the world, seven of the University lies in the UK. With its quality education with a blend of traditional teaching practices and modernity of the present world the Institutions of UK have set a superior benchmark for itself.

Along with the advantage of being the hot-spot of best colleges and Universities, the teaching of UK studies is designed in a manner that it always promotes and imbibes innovative idea and creativity among students. Once any student is nurtured in such a manner, it helps in the area of employment for giving any problem to this student in the work place, that student can solve it thinking beyond the regular thought process of the rest.

A destination of Lingua franca

UK study is a destination of English speaking people and the fact that English is a global language understood by most of the people of the world is a major factor of advantage that overseas students find. It gives less scope of language barrier for students while staying in the country for higher education. In fact, UK and U.S. colleges demand the successful completion of IELTS exam, which further polishes any student in gaining proficiency of the English language.

A country with rich tradition and culture

UK is known for its rich culture and tradition, and definitely charms anyone to know more about it in the process of higher education. UK consists people from various cultures following different tradition and religion fascinates and gives a chance to know and adjust with different people. It gives a scope to broaden the mindset of students with people contributing different viewpoint regarding a particular topic.

A destination that gives a box of financial facilities to students

UK Universities offer the maximum number of on and out campus Scholarship and financial aids for overseas students to pursue their higher education. Besides, a lot of student’s concession is given in public transport, restaurants and book stalls that help students to save money.

Therefore Study in UK is the most coveted destination for every student generation until the same facilities are offered by any country in the future.

(Shruti Singh)