In order to immigrate or simply study at an international university in an English speaking country thousands of people take an IELTS test every year. IELTS referred, as International English Language Training System is a recognized form of language testing. It is the proven test managed by the University of Cambridge Examinations and British Council, IDP Edu Pvt Ltd.

With more than 6,000 organizations and institutions internationally, more than 1.4 million people take the test annually. It is based on a band given a level from 0-9 on performance basis. The results are declared within 2 weeks of taking exam. There are more than 500 test centers in more than 130 countries to administer the test up to 4 times per month. Students are examined on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills too.

The different modules within the IELTS exam:

The General Level : Tests students either to migrate to an English speaking country or need to gain qualifications below an undergraduate degree.

The Academic Level : Targets students to take a post or undergraduate degree or for professional registration. People who wanted to practice their professions or are licensed medical professionals.

To improve score in IELTS exams requires:

·      Overall English ability improvement
·      Understand the Exam
·      Understand the grading criteria
·      Work on practice exams and receive feedback
·      Develop skills
·      Work on time management
·      Join a class or get a tutor
·      Study partner requirement
·      Set and follow realistic goals
·      Establish a timetable
Some national universities and language schools provides online IELTS courses. It would be really helpful to have a good IELTS score to look for different universities.  It would be definitely be a plus to take up IELTS score, more marketable and globally acceptable. As English marks the international language of the business world.