Education can never be confined to classrooms, and there is always scope for the development of new skills. One of the greatest and easiest ways of augmenting proficiency in different skills nowadays is to pick one from the Most Popular Online Courses in India. Since the provider of a course holds just as much significance as the skills and knowledge imparted by it, students as well as professionals keep looking for the Most Popular Online Courses Universities in India. Acknowledging growing prevalence of online courses, and to ease your dilemma in deciding what you need, here is an article containing the topmost Online Courses List in India.


Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

University of Michigan

An introduction to one of the best programming languages surely makes a place among the most popular Online Courses Names. Programming at organizations such as NASA, Yahoo and Google is carried out using Python. Since it is a high-level language, learning the fundamentals of Python is quite simple even for novices. Moreover, with increasing knowledge of Python’s robustness and extent of utility, it is becoming further important for all professionals of this field to know its basics.

Introduction to Corporate Finance

University of Pennsylvania

This course instills the basic concepts of accounting in the pursuing students. By the time that you have completed this course, you will be proficient in several tasks such as reading balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements. This is currently one of the most important Online courses for Professionals in India, because working in any business organization demands at least the basic skills of corporate finance.

The Data Scientist’s Toolbox

Johns Hopkins University

This course, taught by professors Jeff Leek, Roger D Peng, and Brian Caffo, is considered one of the Best Online Courses due to the growing requirement of data scientists in companies. Also, the skills of a data scientist, including mastery of tools such as version control, git, markdown, GitHub, R and RStudio, have become essential for professionals of all fields. This course gives an overview of all that a data scientist does, and introduces students to all the above listed technologies.

R Programming

Johns Hopkins University

The R Programming course at Johns Hopkins University is another of the university’s Free Online Courses, which can also be learnt as a part of its package for Data Science. The R programming language is another very popular programming language around the world, and is used by professionals as well as novices for data analysis.

Machine Learning

Stanford University

Artificial Intelligence is the topic of interest in all modern technological advancements around the world. If you want to learn about artificial intelligence, and know the basic technical skills of the subject, this is just the course for you. This course is especially effective in incorporating knowledge of machine learning because the professors take the help of case studies and exercises of programming in teaching. This method of illustrating different criteria of machine learning makes this course one of the most recommendable online courses registrations online.

All in all, the most renowned universities across the globe await you to pick out the best and the Most Popular Online Courses in India. Obtaining an international certification through online courses is a great idea for adding plus-ones to your resume right from home.