Do you want to know the comparison of Indian and US Universities and colleges? Are you finding information on Indian as well as US universities? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you have certainly come to the right place. As you know, the system of education in India is different than the US, so it is quite hard to compare with India Vs US Universities, in spite of all the facts here in this article we have tried to compare the fundamental difference between India and US universities. So let us Compare Indian Universities with US universities and US colleges side by side.

Best US Universities and Indian Universities

India is a country that has once a major seat of education for the purpose of hundreds and thousands of years. As you know that the country was once the home of Takshashila, one of the greatest as well as first universities in the entire world. Aryabhata is the one and only person who was the inventor of the digit 0. According to Albert Einstein, we have come to know a lot about the Indians who immensely taught us the system of counting and without which no worthwhile scientific invention could have been made. Let us see the top ranking Universities in USA and India.

  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • University of California
  • Columbia University
  • Yale University

Indian Universities-

  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • Institute of Chemical Biology, Mumbai
  • Aligarh Muslim University
  • Punjab University
  • Banaras Hindu University
  • Pondicherry University

According to the QS rankings 2016, most of the US universities are high in standard and getting top rank in the world.

Top US Universities 2016

If you are an Indian students you can simply find the information about US collegesuniversities as well as community colleges and the majority of technical institutes; plan academic programs in the entire USA and some of the best US universities that you might do not know. These universities sometimes called Ivy League Universities. Though the system of learning is somehow related to US and India, but most of the systems are not same, due to the reason you should know the system very well before you try to apply for the US Universities.

Ranking of US Universities in the World

If you see the QS rankings US universities 2016 then you will be able to understand how they are rankings and what the reason for their rankings is. Most of the top Universities in the world which are ranking are no doubt US universities. If you can search online, you will be able to know the US universities rankings, because most of the universities are providing high-quality and top class education that is unparalleled comparing with other universities in the world and India is far from them.

Though, the US university rankings ups, and downs each year, but most of the Universities come at the top every year. But the US university rankings 2016 can be different and that you need to know.