Germany has become one of the most popular destinations for pursuing higher studies. Students from all across the globe, seek admission to the many German universities and colleges for further education. High-quality academic training, international atmosphere and the life there will definitely make the student life in Germany unforgettable.

However, finding the best university in Germany that maintains the best quality in delivering education is not an easy task. Even if you have found the one, you need to know the procedure to apply there, so that you can ensure your admission. We explain the best way to execute your plan into reality.

Find a university:

If you want to study in Germany, the first thing that you need to look for is a good German university. Although you will find some options there that promise high-quality education, you need to look for the most prestigious ones at first, so that your course has great value in your career. Certainly, if you are looking for a course in arts, music, film, designs and architecture and the like, you need to choose a university that is known for these streams. The same goes for the research-based universities or the practical study-based universities that specialize in offering courses in applied sciences.

Decide the course:

From arts to science, from technology to humanities, from engineering to medical, ample scope of studies and educational streams are offered by the many German universities. When you study abroad Germany, you need to make up your mind and have a clear concept of whether you are seeking a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree or even a Ph.D. degree in a relative stream or subject. Understanding and choosing the right study programme is a must.

Admission requirements:

Once that you have chosen the course of study and also the university, you need to go through their admission requirements. Some general requirements are there that would specify your previous qualification and some requirements would be solely based on your stream or subject that you have or desire to pursue.

German Language Skills:

Along with the academic qualification, most German universities require the applicants to have German language skills to get admission in Germany. For that, you need to complete the TestDaF in your home country, or you can also sit for the DSH in Germany. TestDaF is the German as a Foreign Language Test, and DSH is German language test for admission to the university that is applicable only to the international applicants. But this exam is essential for the courses that are taught in The German language. If the course that you are planning to pursue is taught in English, then you don’t need to sit for the test.

Enough Money to Live and Study:

Of course, you need to calculate the expenses before taking admission in any college or University in Germany. The two main costs are-

  • Semester and tuition fees- it depends on the course and college/University
  • Living cost- an average of around 800 euros per month is needed to fund the regular expenses

Apply for VISA

Now that you have everything to fly abroad, just apply for your VISA.

Now that you have known about the basics, you need to know the fee structure and also arrange for scholarships and funds for the course. Then, you should proceed towards applying for the course, followed by the Visa application.