Each and every Australian state and territory has been reported to oversee its own system of education. To be precise, there are small variations between education systems of each and every state and territory. Here we are going to tell you about the Education System in Australia. The two primary school sectors within each state include Government and Non-Government schools.

Education System in Australia

Overview Of Education System in Australia

Primary- Duration of primary school is 7 or 8 years. It starts from kindergarten till 6-7 years.

Secondary- This course starts from 7 years to 10 years or 8 years to 10 years after kindergarten.

Senior Secondary- Duration in senior secondary school is 2 years. Standard 11 and 12.

Tertiary- This is the higher education in Australia. This includes university education as well as Vocation Education and Training (VET).

 Classification of Non-Government Schools

Non-Government schools are further classified as Catholic and Independent. Most of the Independent schools hold a religious affiliation along with a few being non-denominational. Government schools are known to be non-denominational. Most of the schools in Australia take into usage modern education methods along with a traditional education framework.

School dresses are mandatory which vary from one school to another. There are a few numbers of schools including Steiner and Montessori that are known to follow a particular philosophy for education. Children suffering from any sort of disability and other specific needs can easily avail special education programs within mainstream schools.

Schools Providing Especially Designed Classes

Schools have been known to provide specially designed remedial cum extension classes along with other approaches to meet the requirements of the students on the basis of differing levels of abilities. There are some schools in Australia that offer specialized programs in selective areas like sport, arts, academia for extra talented students.

A broad range of boarding schools at both primary as well as secondary level in private school sector is available throughout Australia. The same is also available in Government sector but few. Such schools are meant mainly for students belonging to remote rural areas. International students are cordially invited to pursue higher education in Australia.

Schools in Australia – Mostly Co-Educational

Most of the schools in Australia are co-educational, i.e., for both boys and girls. There are some Catholic and Independent Schools that are meant at a Secondary level for single gender only. Sometimes the same is available for primary years as well. A few Independent single-gender schools offer co-educational classes in early years.

Near about all Government schools are co-educational. Only a countable number of single-gender Government Secondary schools are available in some states in Australia. Usually, children in Australia attend a Preparatory year of school followed by Primary and then Secondary schools.

Often, students start in Preparatory school around the ages of four to five. Entry age requirements may vary a bit between schools and states. Primary and Secondary schools are mostly situated in a separate location. Some Catholic schools and other Independent schools have both Primary and Secondary schools in the same campus.